26 Novembre 2020
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BLUT: il nuovo album "Hermeneutics" in uscita il 29 maggio per la AUSR

25-05-2020 16:16 - NEWS

Italian-Swiss gothic metallers BLUT will release their new album “Hermeneutics” on May 29th via AUSR. Their new opus will be available on all digital outlets!
To celebrate the event the band unveils the lyric video for the song “The Magician”.


Journey into the mind, flashes of light and darkness, hidden desires, path between the tarot cards to discover human spirituality, dreams and thirst for knowledge about life, death and emotions. The Blut project, born primary as a free artistic expression of Alessandro Schumperlin, brings original music with no limits.

The new album "Hermeneutics" is the home of the 22 Major Arcana, each song is a tarot, each of them is the manifestation of the will of each card, what it grants and determines in our existence. The two male and female voices interpret each card as a character on the varied and surprising stage that is Life.

The album has been mixed and mastered at Real Sound Studio in Milan (Time Machine, Marky Ramones, André Matos, The Shaman, Abighor, Latte +, Giorgio Gaber, Dj Ringo, Siberia, Eddy Antonini, Skylark, The Crooks, Thee STP, Primadonna and many others).
The album features as special guest Emanuele "Lele" Laghi (Drakkar and Crimson Dawn) on the track "XV The Devil". The cover was created by Giulio Rincione (Dylan Dog, Sergio Bonelli editore, Shockdom, Disney and many more).

01 -0 The Fool
02- 1 The Magician
03- 2 The High Priestess
04- 3 The Empress
05- 4 The Emperor
06- 5 The Hierophant
07- 6 The Lovers
08- 7 The Chariot
09- 8 The Strength
10- 9 The Hermit
11- 10 The Wheel of Fortune
12- 11 The Justice
13- 12 The Hanged Man
14- 13 XIII
15- 14 The Temperance
16- 15 The Devil
17- 16 The Tower
18- 17 The Star
19- 18 The Moon
20- 19 The Sun
21- 20 The Judgement
22- 21 The World

Current line-up:
Alessandro Schümperlin [Vocals, backing vocals, programming, composer, producer]
Chiara Manese [Vocals, backing vocals, co composer for the new album]
Stefano Corona [Drums machine, loops, synth, co composer for the new album]
Marco Borghi [Guitars, co composer for the new album]

Forget Paris only digital 14/06/2015, reissue for Secret Sound Records 08/03/2017:
Inside the evil only digital 15/09/2015, reissue for Secret Sound Records 15/03/2017:
Inside my mind part 1 in digital 13/10/2015, in jewel cd 03/11/2015 reissue for Secret Sound Records 20/03/2017:
Jerusalem calls me first in digital on Bandcamp il 03/06/2016 reissue for Secret sound records 15/02/2017:
Inside my mind part II 18/05/2017 cd for Sliptrik Records and digital for Secret Sound Records AUSR
Inside your mind (inside my mind remix) digital album by Blut records in association AUSR and Secret sound records
Hermeneutics out 29/05/2020 digital album in association with AUSR digital

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