22 Ottobre 2020
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Breathing the Night: deal con la Soundsrock Agency e TOUR ITALIANO!

08-02-2019 13:16 - NEWS

L' Alternative Rock band di Rimini entra nel 2019 nel Roster della Soundsrock Agency
Un nuovo album in arrivo "LAST DAY ON EARTH" con sonorità fresche ed accattivanti che tanto ricordano i Linkin Park
Inoltre è stato annunciato un mini tour italiano a supporto di HED P.E e PINO SCOTTO

Breathing The Night

»»» Italian Tour 2019 «««

22/02 | Traffic Live - ROMA w/ Hed PE

23/02 | Circus club - FIRENZE w/ PINO SCOTTO - OFFICIAL

24/02 | Legend Club Milano- MILANO w/Hed pe

Alternative Rock | Italy

It's all begun in a long night after a hard studio session. They did it. They caught the moment. After a lot of time and countless hours of reflections, they decided to "breathe" a new night, that night that each one of them has already lived and survived.

It’s time for them to evolve: a new project, new music, new adventures, but the same old dream. BREATHING THE NIGHT are born from here.

The band entered in the studio to record the new EP. A disk full of emotions, influences that fully collected the ideas and personalities of each member of the band.

LINKIN PARK and the sound of the 80’s/90’s disco music, they were for the band the most inspiring for the creation of "LAST DAY ON EARTH", a concept album with a well defined story within it.

"A True Story" is the first step in this new story, the 80s synth with danceable rhythms mixed with strong modern sounds, captivating drum grooves, well-defined, solid and powerful guitar rhythms. Strong and well-constructed vocal lines.

In short, really original mix, recalling more genres and styles.

They do not want to define themselves or enclose themselves in a specific genre, but leave you the full freedom to classify them and to establish a genre for the band.

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