25 Ottobre 2020
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Rock On Agency: pubblicato il lyric video di "Defend"!

05-09-2019 19:07 - NEWS

Rock On Agency is proud to present the new Lyric Video
of the Irish rock band PALE BLUE MOON.

The song is extracted from the debut album
“The Pleasure of Finding Things Out”

The debut album "The Pleasure of Finding Things Out" is the result of a year of collaboration with the American producer Brian Sperber (Staind, Alter Bridge, Myles Kennedy, Moby, Feeder, Madonna). The group takes shape from an idea of ​​singer Shane Kelly, who brought together the other artists, of which each has previously been successful with other groups.

The Irish band offers a Rock framework that nostalgically recalls the sounds of the 90s, adding a modern touch in the wake of Pop-Rock and Alternative Rock. If you love intense and moving sounds, listen to the last single, "Supernatural"!

Line Up:

Shane Kelly – Vocals

Griff- Drums

Dazz – Bass

Jack Murphy- Guitars

While mixing the album a near-catastrophe occurred as Frontman Shane Kelly unbelievably suffered a stroke, which left him hospitalised for four months. Otherwise healthy, this was a huge blow and shock to Shane and the band as they were set to release and promote their debut album. However, Shane was determined to continue and while hospitalised and going through rehab, Shane continued to finish mixing the album from his hospital bed, via Skype with their producer in New York. Incredibly, Shane made a full recovery. It was only after long deliberations that Shane agreed to include his experience of having a stroke in the band Press Release, after he concluded that sharing his experience may help others in similar life-changing situations and give them hope.rk.

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DEFEND Lyric Video - Pale Blue Moon

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