28 Settembre 2020
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SHADOWTHRONE: il nuovo album "Elements’ Blackest Legacy", dal 27 Settembre per la Non Serviam Records

27-09-2019 17:02 - NEWS

SHADOWTHRONE rises from a deep and strange part of Italy. After "Demiurge Of Shadow" album the band decided to give to the darkness the second full-length album called "Elements’ Blackest Legacy" with a new line-up. More powerful and black sound into a cold and sidereal dimension. A vision about dark cosmic galaxy over frozen forests and peaks. Death/black metal riffs, epic synths sound and violent growls/screams are elements for a blackest legacy inside new black metal era.

After one year of writing and line-up changes ShadowThrone are proud to present their second album, Elements’ Blackest Legacy.

Containing twelve tracks of avantgarde/sideral genuine Italian Black Metal, ShadowThrone are finally ready to set free the beast that is Elements’ Blackest Legacy reign upon the world. This is a defining moment for the band that has found their true sound in the spheres of extreme black metal.

Be sure to listen to what it slated to be one of the top black metal releases of 2019.

For fans of: Dissection, Emperor, Bathory, Limbonic Art, and Samael.

Sales Points:

- Highly anticipated new album from Italian Black Metal masters, ShadowThrone.
- A defining album for the band, both performance and production wise.
- Musically extreme in performance and composition without sacrificing melodic and dynamic proficiency.
- A full on black metal attack interspersed with atmospheric pieces and haunting melodic parts.
- Produced by ShadowThrone and mixed and mastered by Riccardo Studer (Stormlord)
- Obscure artwork by dark/occult artist Nestor Avalos.

“Elements’ Blackest Legacy” track listing:
1. Endless Dance Of The Universe
2. Black Dove Upon My Shoulder
3. All Is One
4. Curse Of The Royal Blood
5. Descent
6. Every Moment Burns In My Chest
7. Path Of Decay
8. ShadowThrone
9. L’Autunno Di Bacco
10. Faded And Cold Humanity

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