Flames At Sunrise: la band spagnola firma un contratto con l´etichetta Wormholedeath Records!

31-05-2018 11:12 -


Come recentemente riportato anche sulla loro pagina ufficiale facebook, la band spagnola Flames At Sunrise ha da poco concluso un accordo per la distribuzione mondiale con la Wormholedeath Records, del loro album di debutto "Born In Embers"!

Di seguito il comunicato stampa ufficiale in inglese con la tracklist del loro full-lenght

Spanish Modern Metal act Flames At Sunrise have signed a world wide publishing deal with Wormholedeath Records. The bands debut full lenght "Born In Embers" has been released last years along with 2 official music videos :"III Faces" and "Ark Flesh". "III Faces" got more than 1000 visits in less than 12h and was listed as one of the best Spanish video clips of 2017 from "METAL ESPAÑOL".

3.Ark Flesh
4.Dark Ages
5.The Myth (Eurydice´s Death)
6.Never Coming Home II
7.Shades Falls Into Oblivion
8.III Faces
9.More Than Fear

Flames At Sunrise is a metal band from Barcelona born in 2011 with the will to bring their personal vision of music, based in the influence of different modern metal styles and creating a new message from the sound experimentation. After 3 years on the stage, they released theirfirst EP called “Never Coming Home”. This EP contains 4 songs: “Never Coming Home”, “Take It Down” and “Bitch” (with a videoclip for each one), and “Grievance”. Since the release, they have defended their EP, winning some competitions like “NOUS TALENTS” in 2014 (with jury members like Carles Benavent, the wellknown bassist of Paco de Lucía, and the guitarist from Pegasus, Max Sunyé) and “BARRACAS DE TARRAGONA“. Meanwhile, they were composing their full lenght album "BORN IN EMBERS".

Another one of this good news is that Guitar Flash, a mobile and PC game developer with more than 2m of followers, has chosen Flames At Sunrise to be part of their APP.

Line Up
Eve Nezer; Alvaro Garcia Benito; Eric Caballero Gonzalez; Jordi Dominguez Tirado; Jose Escobar Quiñones


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