KroW: nuovo album per i metallers brasiliani ad Aprile 2020!

19-12-2019 16:21 -


Since forming in 2007 in the city of Uberlândia, deep in the Brazilian countryside, KroW have worked tirelessly to get their brand of deathly thrash out there to the world. They’ve been duly rewarded with two full-lengths and a couple of EPs released and have played tours and shows across the world, from Europe to all around their home continent. Now, after an almost 5 years hiatus, the band is ready to come back with their third album, a brand new full length which will make your brains melt and your ears bleed. They will enter studio in between april and may 2020. Pre production now is taking place and in Guilherme Miranda’s own words:

''After 5 long years, we finally could stop, get together, be able to jam and have some fun at the studio. During these years we went into new adventures, worked in other musical projects, moved abroad , lived new musical experiences, grew up as musicians , had new agents, new people and been to new arenas. It’s time to reunite again. The songs are sounding brutal and without any question this will be our “best work so far” ( haha!). We will have a lot of news coming in 2020. Stay Tuned! ''


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