WINTERSUN: Lunedì 2 Ottobre @ Traffic Live Club, Roma

22-09-2017 15:09 -


SoundsRock Agency & Truck Me Hard presentano:
2 OTTOBRE @ Traffic Live - Roma
La formazione EPIC METAL FINLANDESE, finalmente nella CAPITALE

Dopo 5 anni di silenzio, finalmente il NUOVO ALBUM in arrivo il 21 Luglio
The NEW ALBUM " Forest Seasons " ( Nuclear Blast Records)

+ Whispered
Melodic death with japanese Folk elements

+ Black Therapy
Melodic Death

+ Time For Vultures

Founded back in 2004 by front man Jari Mäenpää, Finnish epic metallers WINTERSUN released their outstanding,
highly-acclaimed debut album »Wintersun« in the same year. From the first sound of ´Beyond The Dark Sun´ until the last note of ´Sadness And Hate´, the band took the listener to a Nordic land filled with both, soaring and frosty guitar lines and relentless drums played by Kai Hahto. 8 years in the making, their sophomore record, easily met the high expectations of their fan base. Songs like ´Sons Of Winter And Stars´ and the title track, ´Time´, became live favorites immediately, aired on tours around the globe with their label mates KORPIKLAANI, ELUVEITIE, and FLESHGOD APOCALYPSE amongst others.
Now - after another 5 years - WINTERSUN return with their 3rd studio album entitled "The Forest Seasons
This album is definitely WINTERSUN’s most varied opus to date and cements their status as a one of a kind group!
Its intricacies mean it needs some time to get into, but then you will be rewarded with a fantastic journey for your mind.With »The Forest Seasons«, Jari Mäenpää has once more proven to have the magic touch for building musical works of art.



WINTERSUN + Whispered
+ Black Therapy + Time For Vultures
Lunedì 2 Ottobre 2017
@ Traffic Club
Via Prenestina 738 00155 Roma
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Apertura porte: 19:45
TIME FOR VULTURES: 20:15 - 20:45
Black Therapy: 21:00 - 21:30
Whispered: 21:45 - 22:30
Wintersun: 23:00 - 00:30

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Prevendita: 22 €
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