Tractors: il nuovo video lyric ufficiale di "Il Silenzio Dei Pappataci"

11-10-2017 20:37 -


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TRACTORS - Il Silenzio Dei Pappataci - Official Video Lyric

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Recorded Mixed and Analog Mastered at fear No One Studio during 2017
by Emiliano Natali and Tractors
special thanks to John Beere
graphic by Alberto Filipponi
and Lyric video by Simone Serafini

Thanks to:
Mastema Agency
Brothel Of Sound Agency
Fear No One Recording Studio

We are Tractors and we play Agri metal

Emiliano Natali, Bass and Lead Vocals:
Paolo Nevi, Guitar and backing Vocals:
Michele Arnone, Guitars, back Vocals:
Giorgio Pioli, Drums:

Special thanks to:

Niccolai signature cables
La Piroga
Vape repellents
Mark Line Guitars And Snares
Music Video Collective
Music Shop
Brothel Of Sound Agency
Lorenzo Barabba Suminier
Luca 3dqc
Daniele Gugliemi
Paolo Pieri from Hour Of Penance
Radio Verde Iron

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